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"It all started with my daughter..." Story told by Vanessa Guevara

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Whitehall, PA

Professional Photographer

Vanessa tell us about yourself?

My name is Vanessa Guevara I was born and raised in Allentown, PA. I am half Puerto Rican and Peruvian. I lived in Allentown, PA my whole life with my family. I now currently reside in Whitehall, PA. Growing up I was not always on the right path. I was drinking, smoking, just hanging around the wrong crowd. It got to the point when I became pregnant at 14 years old and gave birth to my daughter at 15 years old which was a turning point in my life. This truly was a wake up call. After giving birth to her I needed to find a purpose for me to do well in life and to take things seriously. I then explored different avenues such as nursing, and then eventually finding photography which is now my passion.

What inspired you to become a professional photographer?

It started out with taking pictures of my daughter which triggered my aspirations in becoming a photographer. So my daughter became my inspiration.

"My daughter became my inspiration..."

Vanessa Guevara's daughter.

What obstacles did you face in becoming a professional photographer and how did you overcome them?

The obstacles I faced was trusting the wrong people who were not genuine nor were they trustworthy which caused an obstacle in starting up my photography. I overcame these obstacles by not giving up and being persistent with my vision and being strong through these obstacles. I had to be very focused on my vision and not allow anything to get in the way of what I wanted to achieve.

"I overcame these obstacles by not giving up..."

What advice can you give to up & coming photographers who are looking to grow and start their own business?

First and foremost find your passion in photography. Grab that camera and practice shooting everyday until you are comfortable and you find your niche. Always ask questions and educate yourself on photography and most importantly know why you’re doing it. Never give up on your vision and continue to reach new endeavors in your photography career and never let anything stop you.

"Never let anything stop you from reaching new endeavors..."

How can you personally as an entrepreneur make an impact in the community?

As an entrepreneur I plan to make an impact by talking to many young people as a motivational speaker who are just in the bridge of graduating high school and also reaching the goal in speaking on Ted Talks or other platforms. I also want to help young ones to go for their passion and not focus on money, fame, or what society wants you to be. It’s important to stay true to your passion, purpose, and keep it burning.

Vanessa helping young ones to learn photography.

Vanessa giving a motivational speech at an event.

Be sure to visit Vanessa Guevara's studio

881 3rd St suite B8, Whitehall, PA 18052

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