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The beginning of What's Your Story project.

Bethlehem, PA

Creators of What's Your Story

The what's your story project initiative was created in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by two photographers, and good friends Darin Barron Jr & Anthony Marcano. The project was first thought about while they were having break together at work and were discussing their passion for photography and how they could incorporate this by helping to motivate, inspire and develop their fellow peers in the workplace. This would be an opportunity for others to share their story about themselves, challenges in life, goals, and share inspiring words of encouragement to help others to stay positive. Darin & Anthony would then capture portraits of their peers and connect it to their stories providing a visual appeal which would show that these are the faces behind the stories.

WYS project will be engaging the community by reaching out to community members in business, entertainment, & education. The heartfelt stories will then be published for all to be motivated , inspired, and to develop in being the best that they can be. We must always remember to continue in looking out for one another and to keep motivating, inspiring, and developing each other so that each person can be the best that they can be.

So...what's your story ?


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